What can you do

To make a donation to our work you can

  • call us on 087 6705338
  • Send a Cheque payable to “no2gm Limited” to 13a Stonebridge Road, Shankill Co Dublin
  • or use the button below to make a secure online payment with a credit card or PayPal.

Thank you.

Sign here to call on the EPA to refuse TEAGASC a licence to grow GM potatoes in Ireland:
Stop GM potato trials in Ireland – The Petition Site

Sign here to call  for a 5-year moratorium on growing GM crops and food in Ireland because not enough is yet known about GM crops

Petition calling for A 5-year Moratorium on Growing GM Crops and Food in Ireland

  • Follow the link to the gm-moratorium petition, which will be presented to the Irish Government to demonstrate that the undersigned citizens want a 5-year moratorium on growing GM crops and food in Ireland. See also www.gm-moratorium.com
  • Organise a talk, workshop, event, film screening or information day/evening and invite members of your community along. We are happy to help with information leaflets and if possible come along.
  • Spread the word and download our leaflet and put it out in your local shops etc. We will be putting up more information and campaign materials shortly. Please watch this space.
  • Email or write to your local TD’s, state ministers, MEP’S, county councillors, asking for clear labelling of products containing GM ingredients and of meat and dairy products sourced from animals fed on GM. Without accurate labeling, consumers in Ireland are being denied the right to choice.

How can I ensure my Food is GM Free?

  • Purchase Organically Certified Produce.
  • Look for products that have a GM Free label.
  • If you know the producer especially for meat products, ask whether the animals diet contains GMO’s. Yes as simple as that, ask your butcher/producer do they use GM Feed in rearing their animals.
  • Read! Read the labels. Most companies that avoid GM materials advertise this fact proudly on their labels and websites. If you are still unsure, contact them and ask!
  • If you have a website, add no2gm on your ‘links’ page.