Sample Letter to TD or Public Representative opposing Teagasc GM Potato Trial

Date: 15/3/2012
Please feel free to use the sample letter here to help you formulate a letter to your local TD.

To Whom It May Concern:

As you may be aware, Ireland’s agriculture and food research agency, Teagasc, are proposing to trial genetically modified (GM) potatoes at their Oakpark research facility in Co. Carlow. Commencement of such a trial will terminate our ‘GM-free’ status. Ireland’s clean, green, GM free status is our unique selling point when marketing our food abroad and offers us huge opportunities within high value export markets (eg, Europe, where over 70% of consumers have said they will not buy GM food and the US where moves are afoot in many states to label products containing GM ingredients)

This move by Teagasc will cause irreparable damage to Ireland’s image as a ‘clean, green food island’, and could have unforeseen consequences for our environment. I believe that this project represents the thin end of the wedge to introducing the commercial cultivation of GM crops on our island.

I would implore you, as my public representative to speak out against this monumental folly and protect Ireland’s pristine image when it comes to quality food production and safeguard our unique environment.




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